Lacrosse World Challenge USA


Lacrosse World Challenge USA

You are invited to the magic!



ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Walt Disney World Resort, Florida USA

Easter 2018  – Sunday 1st April arrival


NEW ! Now available : Easter 2019. Arrival Sunday 31st March 2019.


Minimum Party Size just One team !


Something Magical about playing Lacrosse here.

Youth teams from around the world have already experienced the most magical lacrosse event in the world here at Walt Disney World spring training.  With such an exciting and successful event, we are delighted to announce further expansion of our Visions Exclusive partnership with Disney, that includes Netball Soccer and Rugby by introduction, NEW for Easter 2018 – our Lacrosse team tour option.

Easter 2019 just got a whole lot more exciting with our latest two centre Lacrosse tour. Disney + New York or Washington. DC

If you’re ready for the ultimate lacrosse tour, then book with us to experience the unique magic of Disney/ Espn wide world of sports complex and then enjoy touring and playing in one of our top ‘must see’ USA venues : New York and Washington DC.
This exciting new option really does offer your girls the very best of the USA Lacrosse wise, with lots of fun and unmissable sights just part of the action. Train and play internationally, at the next level, with the Lacrosse spring break event based at the stunning ESPN facility on site at Walt Disney World (Home of the Invictus games 2016) . Stay on site in the unique Disney accommodation and enjoy unlimited fun and 3 day park entrance (plus much, much more included) Its then off to airport and onwards to visit one of the two icons of the USA, Washington DC or the ‘Big Apple’ New York ! Soak in all the fabulous sights and yes, play against local lacrosse teams in our fixture programme included.

Call us soon to start your Lacrosse tour of a lifetime rolling……………..We are 100% sure you will be impressed with the value and cost of this tour.

A venue like no other. Check out ESPN here ESPN

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We are also able to offer our schools the option of bringing different sports team to this unique setting, in addition to your Lacrosse Team.

Ask us about our ‘Combo tours’ featuring Lacrosse plus

• Netball
• Tennis
• Golf
• Soccer
• Rugby.