Yosemite STEM, California


Yosemite STEM, California


“Majestic Natural Wonders”

Are you ready to be ‘one’ with nature?  To learn hands-on science in one of the world’s most stunning geologic wonders?  Exploring one of the USA’s best national parks, studying climate change, ecology, geology and more?  If so, few things are more breathtaking than the High Sierras where John Muir was inspired by breath-taking scenery including the majestic sequoias – the oldest trees on earth, or spending a starry night watching the sky fill with an impossible number of twinkling constellations.  If this sounds like an experience you want to share with your students, we invite you to Yosemite!

“There are very few things that compare to the sheer awe that a giant Redwood tree inspires. Being immersed in the wilderness made the whole experience that much greater. Our ambassador was exceptional and was with us every step of the way. It made for a seamless trip.”

-Darren L., Yosemite STEM Party Leader

In Yosemite Science, your tour will include 5-nights in stunning Yosemite plus a day to explore San Francisco!  Meals, motorcoach transportation, evening activities and more are included – all prepared to make the perfect science trip!  Accommodation is taken in canvas cabins and the outdoor science programmes are led by experienced educators and customised to enhance your school’s curriculum.