The Last Frontier, Alaska


The Last Frontier, Alaska


“A New Level of Adventure”

‘Alaska – The Last Frontier’ dives into Physical Science, Animal Science, Marine Science, and Earth & Space Sciences, with students experiencing a variety of authentic Alaskan activities and brilliant Master Classes and programmes.  Alaska is a wild, rugged, pristine place – and an absolutely stunning backdrop for this Visions STEM Discovery Exclusive.

“The week was so action packed it’s hard to pick our favourite activity. I can say, the Northern Lights had all the students in awe and was the only time I saw them speechless! If given the opportunity we will absolutely be back.”

-Gavin R., Alaska STEM Party Leader

A larger-than-life experience! Alaska abounds with awe-inspiring sights and sounds, intricate natural ecosystems, and fabulous educational opportunities, offering a true ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ encounter – for students and adults alike!  Visions is proud to offer this 8-day tour complete with a fabulous collection of seasonal activities as explained in the detailed itinerary.  With scientific Master Classes involving a range of disciplines, and unique activities including a dogsled ride and an overnight programme at the Alaska Sea Life Center, ‘Alaska – The Last Frontier’ will take your group to a whole new level of adventure!