Texas Space STEM


Texas Space STEM

“An ‘Out of this World’ Programme”

Just what does it take to be a rocket scientist?  Students in Vision’s Texas Space School will experience a 5-day engineering mission to find out just what it takes in this 6-night tour to Houston, Texas.  Pupils will learn what’s needed to land a rover on the surface of Mars, how to analyze rock samples with a Reflectance Spectrometer, how to loft a rock sample into Martian orbit, and then get a chance to return it back to Earth in a rocket of their own design.  All the time they will be working within a NASA budget – knowing that funds or supplies for your projects may be decreased at any time due to budget cuts, safety regulations, or any other experience representative of the real NASA world.  Our key focus will be on teamwork, problem solving, fiscal responsibility, communication, adaption to unexpected problems, the drive to be successful and most importantly, the ability to have fun through science!  Texas Space Science is a mind-blowing exploration of the out-of-this-world experiences that happen every day at NASA’s Johnson Space Center!

“I cannot say enough about this week-long experience. This is the closest thing to space exploration outside of actual lift-off! The programmes and instructors were of the highest calibre along with our ambassador who went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our trip went smoothly.”

-Sharon W., Texas Space STEM Party Leader

Houston is the backdrop for this fantastic tour with days spent at NASA and evenings spent exploring this exciting destination!  As the United States’ fourth largest city, you can be sure there is always something happening here.  From world-class galleries to exhilarating amusements, this city’s sheer energy and its ‘Texas pride’ will be sure to satisfy every school group with exciting options for fun!