STEM Sisters


STEM Sisters


An international annual event devoted wholly to girls STEM study

Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, USA


February 11th – 17th OR 18th – 24th, 2018 


STEM Sisters is devoted to the educational study of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics by female students ages 13 to 19. In this special event, girls will come together to experience a 5-day engineering mission to land a rover on the surface of Mars. They will analyse rock samples with a Reflectance Spectrometer, loft rock samples into Martian orbit, and return it back to Earth in a rocket of their own design. All the time, working within a NASA budget, knowing funds or supplies for your projects may be decreased at any time due to budget cuts, safety regulations, or any other experience representative of the real world of NASA!

This event is limited to a grand total of 60 girls due to its extreme specialisation.  We highly stress the importance of getting registered with deposits as soon as possible to ensure your place is secure.