STEM Robotics Challenge, Florida


STEM Robotics Challenge, Florida


“Kennedy Space Center: Mission Robotics”


2017 Dates:  October 22nd – 28th

Mission Robotics offers students a concentration in robotics and gives students hands-on technical skills. Mission Robotics explores the principles, tools and skills of programming and building robots combined with team building, programming and obstacle course challenges. Camp KSC Mission Robotics encourages imagination and interaction with one of the fastest growing areas in STEM.

Teams get more innovative with their design process and are given ample opportunities to not only develop a completely unique design for their robotic rover but also achieve a higher degree of sophistication through more advanced programming tools like NI LabVIEW. The curriculum is designed to simulate Robotic Missions to the Moon and Mars. The final competition takes place on a 16ft x 16ft simulated lunar surface. Based on the performance of the group on the first three days of the program, different levels of difficulties are set for its final competition.