Roman STEM, Italy


Roman STEM, Italy


“The Eternal City”

For young scientists and historians with a passion for archaeology and times gone by, Rome will dazzle the senses. Modern blends with ancient in these streets represented by its feats of engeneering, masterpieces of art, breath-taking architecture, awe inspiring monuments and world class museums. As one of the world’s most photogenic cities, Rome offers a delight to the senses with The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Square and the Spanish Steps. A visit to Rome will allow your pupils to discover the many different historical layers which have built this beautiful city through the centuries – from the remains of the Roman Empire, through the Medieval and Renaissance periods, up to the modern day architecture that dots the city throughout.

“Rome truly brought history to life for our students. We were studying Archaeology and digging in the earth in the birthplace of the modern world! An exciting and memorable experience was had by all.”

-Ian B., Roman STEM Party Leader 

In our 6-day / 5-night tour to Rome, Visions’ students will have a chance to explore all of the wonders of this fascinating area with excursions to discover Ancient Rome, Baroque Rome, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, a full day with a real Archaeology expedition, a day discovering the Etruscan city and Roman aqueducts at Vulci Archaeological Park, and then to make it extra special, a day discovering Pompeii – the ancient city with the devastating volcano eruption in 79 AD that preserved history for eternity.

This special Visions tour includes entrances and guided tours into many of Rome’s historical sites, breakfasts and dinners daily plus two included packed lunches, private transportation for all of the activities, plus a dedicated Visions Ambassador to make sure you enjoy the tour as much as your students!  With add-ons available for Legionary Training in the summer, plus an evening AstroLab, this tour is not to be missed.