Maltese STEM, Malta


Maltese STEM, Malta


“Experience the Brilliant Mediterranean” 

With the Mediterranean Sea lapping at its shores, its striking coastline, picturesque countryside and a rich history, Malta offers an unforgettable destination for your next Science tour!  Add to that Malta’s interesting geography, mild climate and millenary heritage, combined with the hospitality of the Maltese people, and the Maltese archipelago becomes an absolutely brilliant destination in the Southern Mediterranean!

“We were thrilled by how we could get so much great educational value out of such a historic and beautiful place. This was our first trip with Visions and it will most definitely be the first of many.”

-Claire N., Maltese STEM Party Leader

Our Maltese STEM tour includes 5-days/4-nights in stunning Malta with all meals included and a combined focus covering Geography, Agriculture, Marine Science, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Natural History, History & Culture.  With dedicated Master Classes instructed by our local science specialists, your students are sure to return with a new love of natural science.