Florida BioBlast


Florida BioBlast

“Biology at its Best”


Join us is Florida for a behind-the-scenes look into the world of Marine Biology, Animal Science, Wildlife and Ecology Conservation and General Biology. From the sandy and salty coastlines, to the dense everglades, Florida is a haven for the Biology discipline. This unique topography allows groups to have a fully hands-on and immersive biology experience with the species they’re studying and the ecosystems in which they thrive. Explore the Everglades and discover the reptiles that rule them, swim with the manatees in their seasonal stomping grounds, and meet Winter the dolphin that captured our hearts and helped raise awareness about threats to the habitats in which these majestic mammals live.

This week-long adventure is the perfect mix of fun and function to get your biology students outside of the classroom and into the field where biology can truly come alive!