Cozumel STEM, Mexico


Cozumel STEM, Mexico


“Athletes with a Love of Science, and Scientists with a Love of Sport”


Cozumel STEM is devoted to the educational study of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math by students ages 11 to 19.  In this special tour, students will come together to learn to Scuba dive, study marine biology and oceanography, and explore the brilliance that lies beneath the ocean’s surface.   It’s hard work to undertake but one of the most rewarding accomplishments you can achieve.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Cozumel and the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, groups will learn to explore and navigate using their newly learned skills and take away their Padi Scuba certification following the end of a rewarding week of education and fun!


Continually named in the Top 5 Scuba Dive locations in the world, what makes diving in Cozumel amazing is the clarity of the Caribbean Sea, with up to 200 feet visibility. Many famous oceanographers have praised these reefs for their beauty and abundant marine life. Due to this,Cozumel’s National Marine Park was established in 1996 by federal decree, with the aim to protect and monitor the area.

The park is simply a diving dream come true and a paradise for scuba diving. Cozumel’s National Marine Park starts its chain of outstanding dive sites south of downtown, with the aptly named Paradise Reef, and stretches out all the way to the southern end of the island, Punta Sur. This marine park is the protected home to one of the most incredible coral reefs and marine inhabitants on the planet. Visions in Education believe the key to future sustainability of our planet is education.  We actively seek out the best educators in their fields for our Master Classes at many of our destinations.  Students learn more about the world around them and how to protect the future assets of this extraordinary planet we share by exploring and participating in the experiences offered to them.