Costa Rica STEM, Costa Rica


Costa Rica STEM, Costa Rica

“An Awe-Inspiring Destination”

Known across the globe as a leader in biodiversity, sustainability and eco-science, Costa Rica is a truly awe-inspiring destination that will motivate your students like no other.  From ecology to biology, earth science to agriculture, get ready to explore science and geography like you’ve never experienced!  In this special 7-night Visions tour, your students will delve into this tropical locale with educational and cultural aspects that will enlighten, entertain and create an awareness of the behind the scenes world of science!  From magnificent volcanoes to sun drenched beaches and amazing rainforests, this destination has it all!

“If you ever have the opportunity to go to Costa Rica, do not pass it up! For our students and staff alike, this was the ultimate trip of a lifetime.”

-Darren P., Costa Rica STEM Party Leader

Travel with Visions’ to the home of ecotourism!  Costa Rica is a place with a rich history of scientific pursuit, and on this special Science Discovery tour, groups will encounter Biology, Ecology, Earth Science, and Animal Science, as well as Agriculture, Geography, and fantastic Costa Rican culture. This tour combines a variety of stellar Master Classes in several diverse fields, with activities specifically designed to inspire students and create an awareness of the fragile, beautiful world around them. Join us for your very own Costa Rican Eco-Adventure, and treat your students to the experience of a lifetime!