Boston STEM, Massachusetts


Boston STEM, Massachusetts


“One of America’s Greatest Cities”

The world of high technology and its related fields are constantly developing; pushing the limits of what is considered ‘possible’.  As home to many leading tech companies and scientific organisations, Boston is on the front lines of scientific development and is the perfect backdrop for this tour, rich with scientific intrigue and educational value.  ‘Boston Tech’ dives deep behind the scenes in one of America’s greatest cities for detailed insights into the evolving, ever-expanding fields of Technology, Robotics, Design Research, and Genome / DNA Sequencing!  Also, as one of the leading vacation spots on the East Coast of the USA, there are plenty of attractions and places of significance to further enrich each ‘Boston Tech’ tour!

“Boston was a great experience for our students. To be immersed in the cutting edge of robotics by some of the brilliant minds of the world was a treat. I look forward to seeing the impact this trip had on our student’s interest in pursuing technology studies.”

-Gwen H., Boston STEM Party Leader

In Boston Tech, your group booking will include air flights, 5-night accommodations in the Boston area, breakfasts and dinners daily, group motorcoach transportation to scheduled activities, full Tour Ambassador services, plus participation in outstanding Master Classes, workshops and activities.  Packages are available April thru November with Sunday arrivals; a minimum of 20 students is required.

As the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston embodies a distinct European feel which is evident in the city’s culture.  Boston’s tech community is constantly pushing the envelope and pursuing new and more advanced achievements!  Travel with Visions’ to Boston and experience a great American city, fabulous science-based curriculum, and an inner look at true American culture and history!