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STEM Discovery

 The Visions Difference – Dynamic Master Classes

Engage your pupils in ways you never thought possible

The classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to teach science. However, what if your students could actually experience science hands-on – touch it, smell it, taste it, and see it in action before their eyes? What if they could explore customs, geography and history along the way? What if they could work side-by-side with specialists in fascinating fields? With Visions in Education STEM Discovery, they can!

“One of my criteria for success was for the group to experience science in a different environment. If one child considered a career option as a result of what they had experienced then the trip was doing more than I hoped. To date we have three students seriously considering a change in their studies and subsequent careers. Two as a direct result of our guide, Veronica from Sea World.”

-Elaine S., Tropical STEM Party Leader

Our one-of-a-kind STEM tours are on the cutting edge of science education. From Space Science and Marine Biology to Robotics and Design & Technology, we have a tour to give your pupils that fully immersive outside of the classroom experience you’ve been seeking. As an educational travel company specializing in school tours, we know that when students learn outside of the classroom it not only adds credibility to what they are learning in their lessons, but it also opens up a whole new creative awareness. We offer the unique access to possibilities that enthrall the senses, develop understanding and genuinely create a desire for further study.

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